Our Story

Everyone loves an interesting backstory. Ours? Well, it’s pretty straightforward (like us!).  We believe in being authentic, in delivering a powerhouse of information, grounded in actionable insights.

And so Blueberry was born.

With thoughtful partnership and boutique-style client service,
we deliver clarity to engage the broader team and inspire action.

It’s powerful research made personal.



Our Legacy

Headquartered just outside Philadelphia, Blueberry is the 30th largest U.S. market research company. We are the research consulting division of Reckner, a 25+ year research leader with 200+ employees, offices in three states and global capabilities. And, we are sister company to The Institute for Sensory Research, with whom we partner on analytical sensory research.

Blueberry was established in 2001 and founded on the Reckner legacy:
dedication to quality, collaboration and client service.

Today, we continue that commitment with creativity, honesty and integrity.



Our Team

We are an experienced, innovative group of market researchers, passionate about product innovation from early exploratory through launch, whether it is a new brand, a new variety, a line extension or repositioning.

We invite you to begin a conversation with us!