Labeling demands, millennial marketing, snacking occasions, healthy eating, foodie trends... the food and beverage industry is awash in change. With more than fifteen years' experience, Blueberry intimately understands these market challenges. From manufacturers to franchises, we have helped national and international clients find market opportunities across their product innovation pipeline.

The Blueberry team draws from a broad range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to reveal the "why" behind consumer's decisions and to present a clear roadmap of actionable recommendations. Our Consumer Experience Landscape® (CEL) is a process that takes consumers from what they are using now through possibilities to a future ideal product. The CEL® helps companies understand white space, build the right products and services, and develop strong positioning that aligns brands with consumers' needs and aspirations.

Our research helps connect consumer realities to product attributes to create innovations designed to succeed in the real world.

Solutions and Methodologies