How to introduce a new food into the U.S. market

How to introduce a new food into the U.S. market

The Challenge

Our client has a highly-popular international food item (a non-meat Turkish street fare) which they would like to introduce into the U.S. food market.
– Explore how consumers might use the product
– Determine how to position the product in the U.S.
– Identify any product adjustments to better fit the U.S. palate

Our Approach

Conduct qualitative focus group discussions with potential consumers who are open to the idea of a popular Turkish street food fare. We offered a buffet to allow sampling and pairings and looked for consumers who were “adventurous eaters” – those who have tried other international foods, such as Falafel, Gyros, Hummus, Tabbouleh, and Tar-tar.

What We Learned

Overall, the product was well-liked and generated excitement as a new flavor experience with multiple usage occasions.


Because we did not define how this food product should be consumed, we were able to explore what was interesting/desirable to US consumers, versus setting expectations as to how it is typically consumed (in other countries).
– The expected form – a dry mix – wasn’t perceived as highly desirable, but once consumers were allowed to “play with the product” new ideas were uncovered.
– Consumers also identified additional usage occasions, aside from the typical “street fare”.

Product Options and Usage


The Turkish roots of the product were a highly appealing feature.  And, anchoring to other established international products offers familiarity yet a sense of adventure.  However – while meatless – the product should not be marketed as vegan as that label is too restrictive.

Marketing Placement and Packaging

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Maximizing your Core Business during COVID-19

Maximizing your Core Business during COVID-19

As the ground shifts beneath our feet, it’s instinct to look for a firm place to hold onto.  And for consumers, that safe place is the products and brands they rely on.

And so it makes sense that some of our clients have shifted focus a bit – putting innovation initiatives on hold and focusing on ensuring that their core business is in its best shape possible.

If that sounds like you, then here are ideas for research studies that can be conducted right now to maximize your core business:

ideas for research studies

Our world has changed, but we can give comfort to our consumer community by delivering consistency and satisfaction in our products and brands. Together, let’s make the best products!