Pumpkin spice sensory research

Let's Talk Seasonal Products!

There is a market appeal for seasonal products of all shapes, sizes, and types. From coffee to candles and cleaning supplies; cup o’ noodles and dog treats and soap – there are endless possibilities for seasonally scented and flavored consumer goods. We are all-too familiar with the Alcohol Beverage, food and beverage, household care, personal care, and pet care items that turn pumpkin spice in the fall, peppermint in the winter, and some type of fruit or flower in the spring and summer! It is what makes the market for consumer products so fun and interesting!

The pumpkin spice industry alone this past fall of 2022 had over 138,000 items. Originally derived from the pumpkin spice flavor that McCormick Spices introduced back in 1934 – this fall staple has come a long way! There are so many good memories associated with pumpkin spice for consumers. The changing of the season from incredibly hot to finally bearable again – the re-introduction of sweaters and boots as a welcome change to flip flops and tank tops. Starbucks introduced the ever-popular pumpkin spiced latte in early 2000 and it’s gone mainstream ever since.

There has been an introduction of plant-based foods, a variety of confectionary products like marshmallows, cookies, and crackers. Butter, cereals, popcorn, pudding, and more! Everything from candles, t-shirts, and cleaning products to Spam, lipstick, protein powder, protein drinks, avocado oil, bathroom sprays, bone broth, body scrubs, stuffed animals, makeup, deodorant, socks, slime, and so much more can be pumpkin-spiced! It is never ending the spin we can introduce to our consumer goods!

The question to ask is – if I’m introducing a new product to this market – how will it do? Will it stand up to its competitors? Will there be an adoptive market? Who will purchase this product over one they are familiar with already? We can help answer the tough questions when it comes to seasonal consumer goods products like household care, alcohol beverage, food, beverage, pet care, and personal care products! Let’s start the conversation now and introduce your next pumpkin spice flavored fragranced, or themed item in fall 2023!

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